What things should you consider when applying to IMSA? - Alejandro Carrillo '21 | Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

What things should you consider when applying to IMSA? – Alejandro Carrillo ’21

Alejandro Carrillo ’21

Antioch, IL

College Selection: Case Western Reserve University

When considering IMSA it is very important to keep in mind the rigor of the classes because the things covered within classes are similar to what they cover at a regular public school, but at a much faster rate and in a different teaching style. IMSA likes to focus on inquiry-based learning, which means that the students must find out things by themselves and the teacher acts more like a guide. Another thing to consider about IMSA is the opportunity to meet people. Depending on the size of your homeschool IMSA might be bigger or it might be smaller, but that doesn’t matter because at IMSA you would normally be around everyone 24/7 so it would cause you to meet everyone and create even deeper connections with the people you really like.

Since we are in distance learning this is not the case anymore, but every day our residential life is improving, and it has recently felt like we are able to make as strong of connections as we could before. Distance learning has made me appreciate regular learning because of the effort you have to put in to learn because of the difficulty of learning behind a computer screen. However, there are plenty of support systems like peer tutors and Residential Student Leaders that are always open to help with any problems.