Student Activities

Find Your Passion

With over 75 clubs, organizations, and athletic programs, there are activities, events, and opportunities for all students to explore different cultures, sports, technology, and new avenues of creativity. IMSA is a place to fit in and branch out, to discover.

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

At IMSA, we have a Campus Activities Board (CAB), a student-led organization overseen by the Student Activities Coordinator, Chloe Mastrocola. The CAB members are responsible for hosting fun, engaging, social activities each month that students may enjoy on nights and weekends.

Some of the bigger traditions overseen by CAB are:

  • Carnival (August) 
  • Homecoming (September)
  • Jim Wand Hypnotist (October)
  • Turkeyextravaganza (November)
  • 12 Days of CAB (December)
  • Clash of the Halls (CoTH) (March) 
  • Easter Egg Dash (April)
  • Luau (May)

Besides our iconic week-long events, like Homecoming, Winter Wonder Week, and Clash, we also have monthly events to look forward to. There is typically at least one midday or after-school and one-night monthly event. CAB will ensure you’ll always have a break from work or stress. Hope to see you at our next event!

CAB Members for the 2020-2021 School Year:

Returning Seniors:

New Members:

Please note that this ACTIVITIES Calendar serves as a reference for IMSA STUDENTS AND STAFF ONLY. This calendar is a combination of several calendars in place around campus (Facilities-Internal events, Athletics, Residence Life, Student Council). All reservations for space must go through Dottie Krett (x5058). For questions about this calendar, please email Chloe Mastrocola.