Mental Health Days

The purpose of mental health days (MHDs) is to allow students time away from academic and extracurricular responsibilities to focus on their social-emotional wellbeing. Students may utilize up to five (5) mental health days during the school year. If a student wishes to take a mental health day, they should speak with their parent/guardian and/or resident counselor and work with them to complete the Mental Health Day Form the day/evening prior to the mental health day. If a student is experiencing a crisis, they should contact the school counselor directly as soon as possible.

During a mental health day, the school counselors will check in with the student to determine support needs. Additionally, the student will be responsible for checking in with their Day Hall Monitor (DHM) once before noon and with their RC once in the evening during the mental health day.

During a mental health day, students may be in their residence hall room, IRC, and cafeteria during meal times. Students are not able to participate in extracurricular activities, including clubs and athletics, during a mental health day. If students violate these MHD expectations, their excused absence for the day may be changed to an unexcused absence.

The school counselors may temporarily suspend mental health days at certain points during the academic year, including following large campus events such as Clash of the Halls or during AP examinations. These decisions will be communicated to students, parents, and staff via email.