Vision 2033

Elevating IMSA Everywhere

In its unwavering pursuit of both excellence and equity, IMSA offers STEM-loving Illinois students from every socioeconomic background tuition-free educational offerings and opportunities they can’t find elsewhere in the state. Its world-class cadre of faculty and administrators and extensive range of STEM classes and research experiences transcend disciplinary boundaries.

The IMSA experience also distinguishes itself through its unparalleled network of students, alumni, and partners dedicated to progress in STEM and united to help such trailblazing students fulfill their academic and career potential. Whether in class with an instructor, in the residence hall under the guidance of a resident counselor, or interacting with alumni working in a STEM field, a student’s IMSA experience is a shared and lifelong one.

To ensure IMSA is future-ready, we have been examining the external forces and trends that will impact our society in the coming decades and the challenges and opportunities that will emerge. We’ve also spoken with various constituencies—parents, students, alumni, educational and industry leaders, and others—to help us create a compelling 10-year vision with five themes to guide IMSA’s evolution.

Vision 2033: Build


Build curricular and lab space capacity on the Aurora campus to support the growth and experimentation of artificial intelligence and its applications.

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Vision 2033: Reinvent


Reinvent the residential life experience with new facilities and social and mental health resources to support a meaningful development experience on campus.

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Vision 2033: Construct


Construct new IMSA diplomas that offer broader pathways to experience IMSA.

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Vision 2033: Formulate


Formulate partnerships in higher education and industry to expand access opportunities for IMSA students around the state.

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Vision 2033: Develop


Develop IMSA innovation hubs around the state, including online, so that more students seeking enrichment in STEM can access IMSA and its pre-enrollment programs.

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