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Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement applications are available for undergraduate, graduate and (re)certification courses. Eligible employees may submit for tuition reimbursement not to exceed $1500 for each fiscal year (fall + spring + summer terms). Eligibility requirements include:

  • the completion of twelve (12) months of service as a regular employee; employed at least half-time (.5) or more
  • successful course completion (grade C or better) during the semester

Completed applications must be received by the Office of Human Resources by the stated deadline and must include (1) an explanation of how the coursework will contribute to individual’s professional growth as well as the mission of the Academy, (2) course description(s) from the course catalog of the credit granting institution, and (3) a copy of the paid tuition bill.

The budgeting process begins in the spring of the prior FY where individuals are required to submit interest, including semester(s) and total anticipated cost. (Reimbursement will be made up to $1,500 per academic year.)  Response to the initial budgeting request is necessary to be considered for reimbursement in the upcoming FY. Submitting this initial request does not guarantee reimbursement. This expenditure will be considered with all other budgeted expenses when a final budget is approved and resources are allocated.

Tuition Reimbursement Process

Tuition vouchers are available to all eligible IMSA employees. Eligible employees may submit a tuition voucher application for a single course not to exceed $500. To be eligible:

  • You need to have completed twelve (12) months of service as a regular employee
  • You are working half-time (.5) or more full-time equivalency
  • The application is for a single course successfully completed during the semester
  • The application is received by the Office of Human Resources by stated deadline
  • A course description from the course catalog is a part of the application
  • You need to indicate how the course will contribute toward your professional growth as well as the mission of IMSA

Please be sure to have your complete application to the Office of Human Resources by deadline date. Notification of approval or denial will be made in approximately 2 weeks from deadline.  Reimbursement for approved applications will be made after the Office of Human Resources receives the verification of successful completion of all course work and a copy of tuition costs.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the Office of Human Resources at x5991.

If you are interested in applying, please submit the application form to the Office of Human Resources by the date noted.

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