Service Learning Goals

Explore, Learn and Impact the World

Through immersive learning experiences and volunteering, students will grow as global citizens and learn how they can make a difference. In the service learning program, students will:

  1. self select service learning opportunities that reflect personalization in their learning.
  2. develop skill sets through engagement in service learning.
  3. demonstrate an increased engagement in service activities.
  4. perceive the connection between civic mindedness and their actions and decisions.
  5. gain awareness of how their actions impact a larger societal context.

The Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) 2012

CAS standards serve as accepted principles across Student Affairs, specifically for student development and services. IMSA wants the work to be purposeful and for students to understand how it affects the community. These standards:

  • Allow all participants to define their needs and interests.
  • Engage students in responsible and purposeful actions to meet community-defined needs.
  • Enable students to understand needs in the context of community assets.
  • Articulate clear service and learning goals for everyone involved, including students, faculty and staff members. Ensure intellectual rigor.
  • Engage students in reflection designed to enable them to deepen their understanding of themselves and the community.
  • Educate students to differentiate between perpetuating dependence and building capacity within the community.
  • Establish mechanisms to assess service and learning outcomes for students and communities.