First Day Message from the President - Alumni | Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

First Day Message from the President – Alumni

July 1, 2021

Dear IMSA Alumni,

It’s a great honor to start my tenure as president of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. I am truly thrilled to return to my home state, joyful to be part of this exceptional STEM institution, and humbled to be surrounded by some of the most talented teachers, students and leaders. I chose IMSA because of its distinguished reputation as a laboratory for imagination and inquiry, and also a place where equity and excellence are a priority. As a student and educator, I’ve always had a passion for STEM and encouraging students and colleagues to build, invent, connect and have a social impact. With 18 years of leadership experience, focusing on STEM schools and progressive models of education, I couldn’t imagine another place on earth that aligns better with my identity.

I have had the pleasure to meet many IMSA Alum throughout my career, initially as a student at the University of Illinois and then later as an educator. As a teacher, I was an ARML coach for the Chicago team, and of course remember seeing IMSA do so well at the math state competition. As a school leader, IMSA was always a friendly competitor to Thomas Jefferson (TJ) in chess and at national science competitions. One of my fond memories is collaborating with IMSA and a school in Beijing (RDFZ) on an alternative energy research project. It was also natural for teachers at IMSA and TJ to connect at conferences because we were very like-minded and inspired by their students’ work.

While I have crossed paths with IMSA many times, I recognize knowing IMSA requires a lot more than my past experience. We have a distinct history, a culture filled with traditions, and people who have shaped its excellence. As alumni, you have the foundation, stories and lifelong connections that I want to know more about. I look forward to connecting with you at special alumni events, and also appreciate when you can contribute to events and roles that advance current goals at the school. I am so appreciative to hear alumni active in the Board of Trustees, the Alumni Association and the IMSA Fund, and there’s much more.

Alumni play a crucial role in mentorship and serving as role models to our students, helping them understand what’s possible after IMSA. I appreciate you for taking that time to have an impact at your alma mater. I look forward to meeting you, hearing your stories and involving you in advancing our goals.

Titans Together,

Evan Glazer

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy