Ordering and Delivery During Remote Working | Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Ordering and Delivery During Remote Working

During this extended time of remote teaching and working, the business office has some direction on the ordering and delivery of goods.

Our intention is to make sure staff is able to quickly get what they need to execute their work responsibilities while still maintaining the internal controls expected of State funded agencies.  

(1) Delivery Location: IMSA main building unless advance approval. 

A delivery to IMSA would be followed by subsequent employee pickup at IMSA.

Exceptions: Any deliveries deemed most appropriate for delivery to an employee’s personal residence needs advance approval via the attached Delivery Exception Form. The form needs to be completed and electronically signed by both the requester and their cabinet member prior to PO approval.


The review, sampling and testing of IMSA procedures related to internal controls is a large portion of our annual audit.  And allowing the delivery of supplies and equipment to an employee home is a control weakness.  

The purpose of this form is to demonstrate to external auditors that the safeguarding of State assets is important to IMSA and we have procedures in place to authorize, approve and track exceptions to best practices.

*  Please note this is a temporary procedure. As we get more clarity on the duration and structure of remote working at IMSA the procedure may change.

(2) Centralized Purchasing for approved delivery location exceptions

Please allow procurement to order and arrange delivery rather than expensing personal funds and later requesting reimbursement. This will assist the business office with order/delivery tracking and the subsequent matching of PO, delivery confirmation and vendor invoice.

(3) Paperwork Catchup

As we become aware of instances where staff have previously ordered and received supply delivery to their home address, we will be requesting completion of the Delivery Exception Form.   Please do not take these requests personally. It is simply to document to auditors that this exception was intentional, for business purposes, and approved by leadership.

(4) General PO Reminders

When creating any purchase requisitions, please remember to provide detailed item and unit prices. For example 12 books at $25.99 each versus 1 item at $311.88.  

During this time of building closure, we are working with receiving to compare packing slips to purchase orders so that the business office can confirm receipt and process vendor payment.  This level of detail is necessary to facilitate this process.