Dr. Richard Dods | Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Dr. Richard Dods

Emeritus, Awarded in 2016
IMSA Tenure: 1991-2008
Faculty, Chemistry/Science Department
CAL, Chemistry/Science Department

Dr. Dods was one of the first faculty members to adopt IMSA’s Problem Based Learning model and embedded this pedagogy in Science, Society and the Future as a senior elective. His research results were published in three academic articles which provided evidence for the efficacy of IMSA’s PBL methods. He was a driving force behind the inclusion of quantum mechanics concepts into the chemistry curriculum, and mentored many students’ original research which was presented during IMSAloquium and led to several permanent displays.

He authored chemistry education articles published in two journals of the American Chemical Society, and was a chapter author for a medical textbook. He published three books, Clinical Chemistry for Chemists published by the American Chemical Society, Pathophysiology for Chemists, also published by the American Chemical Society, and Understanding Diabetes: A Biochemical Perspective, published by Mosby in 2013

Dr. Dods participated in the working group that designed the CADRE contract and professional development system. He served on the Concept Centered Curriculum (CCC) Committee, as Team Leader for Curriculum Development, and on the Strategy 3 strategic planning team. He edited the Problem Based Learning Log and participated in the Harris Institute for Problem Based Learning.

Dr. Dods and his late wife, Dr. Linda Y. Dods, are members of our donor recognition society, Kaleidoscope Society. He has been a true believer in and supporter of IMSA, and enjoys strong connections to alumni and past staff members.