Annual Training for State of Illinois Employees, Appointees, and Officials

The State Officials and Employees Ethics Act ( 5 ILCS 430/5-10 & 5-10.5.) requires State employees, appointees, and officials to complete two forms of annual training:

  1. Ethics training
  2. Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training

The Ethics Act requires that new employees, appointees, and officials complete initial training within 30 days of initial appointment or hire.

Annual training is mandatory. The online training system used by IMSA for completing this training is the State of Illinois OneNet learning management system, managed by the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT).

Officers and employees will be notified via IMSA email and provided instructions on how to meet these statutory training requirements.

Failure to complete the training constitutes a violation of the Ethics Act. IMSA is required to report the name and position of any officer or employee who does not complete training, which may result in administrative fines and, when applicable, employee disciplinary action.

Ethics Training – September 2023

Annual ethics training is mandatory for all IMSA officers and employees.

September is IMSA’s designated 2023 training period with the Office of Executive Inspector General (OEIG).

Completion Deadline: September 30, 2023

Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training – September 2023

Annual Harassment & Discrimination Prevention training is mandatory for all IMSA officers and employees.

NOTE: IMSA does not have a designated month for Harassment & Discrimination Prevention Training however typically training takes place the same month and with the same deadline required for Ethics Training.

Completion Deadline: September 30, 2023