Meet Our Bloggers

Rujuta Durwas '22

Hi everyone! My name is Rujuta Durwas and I am a senior at IMSA this year. After spending junior year online, I was extremely excited to come back to campus and make more memories that I had begun to make my sophomore year. I am the co-president of PSYCH Club, on senior board for Indian Student Association, and have been pursuing a biology-based Student Inquiry and Research project at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine for the past year. I am currently in the process of applying to college and hope to pursue biology as a major on the pre-medicine track. I have gained many opportunities from being at IMSA, virtually and in person, through the past three years and I am grateful for the skills and experiences I have, and continue to attain, along the way.

Maya Sanchez '23

Hello! I’m Maya Sanchez and I am a Junior this year at IMSA. From studying, running to practice, to being an athletic team manager, I’ve experienced firsthand how necessary it is to have your priorities figured out. Learning how to balance school and athletics has brought me many healthy habits that are sure to last a lifetime. Currently, I play for Chicago Soccer Academy and was selected as an alternate for the U.S. Youth National Futsal Team. Although I am still deciding what I will be pursuing career-wise, I plan to go into the medical field. I am more than confident that IMSA provides the support and the strong academic foundation needed to do so. The environment at IMSA is a great place to form and maintain all kinds of academic and personal endeavors.

Raghav Sinha '24

Hello everyone! I am Raghav Sinha. I am currently a sophomore at IMSA. I am the President/Founder of IMSA National History Club, a junior representative for Mock Trial, and a Sophomore Class Club member. I am involved in a handful of outreach clubs. I plan on being a residential student leader (RSL) and Peer Tutor. I want to be a lawyer in the future. In middle school, I found out about IMSA. I realized that I wanted to join their student body because it was everything I was looking forward to in high school. I decided to apply in 9th grade, and I am here now!

Nooriyah Doriwala '23

Hello! I'm Nooriyah Doriwala, a junior at IMSA this year! IMSA at first was a big leap for me, but I truly feel at home here. I have met so many amazing and inspiring people and learned more than I could have ever imagined. One of my favorite things about IMSA is here, you are given the power to see changes through. I'm a part of the swim team and Peer Multicultural Educators, which focuses on advocating for student minorities. This year I worked on an internship that was focused on animating. I'm excited about all the hands-on classes, and either working on a SIR or another internship next year. I am so grateful for the community and family I've found at IMSA, and can't wait to see what my final year here holds!