Theme 3: November 2023 – Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Theme 3: November 2023

November 2023

We have long desired to meet the demand for an IMSA education. Our qualified applicant pool exceeds our residential capacity, and we acknowledge that some STEM-loving students are unready to live independently at age 15. Suppose we redefine what it means to be an IMSA student in order to increase access by nurturing students who crave the challenge and differentiated experience IMSA offers, but are not able to be in Aurora full-time. We must explore the motivations and needs of these students now, not only to meet demand and close equity gaps around the state, but also to broaden our reach and keep IMSA thriving.

One of the ways to increase our impact is to award newly established credentials upon each student’s successful completion of their IMSA experience based on the level of depth:

  1. The IMSA advanced studies diploma would be evidence of successful completion of advanced coursework in our three-year comprehensive residential education program.
  2. The IMSA research and entrepreneurship diploma would be evidence of a three-year path that recognizes distinction through a portfolio of student-driven research and emerging technology with great flexibility in course selection, including more time out of the classroom to experiment, innovate and work on project-intensive work.
  3. The IMSA diploma seal would be a credential evidencing completion of a shorter focused learning experience acknowledged on a home school diploma.

A team of academic colleagues and Faculty Team Coordinators are working on ….

  • Course review and development to increase research and entrepreneurship offerings
  • Graduation elective credit for SIR, internships, and independent studies
  • Hybrid blended courses  for on and off-campus students
  • Cross-curricular courses specializing in integrated opportunities
  • Potential pathways for each diploma option