Meet Your Orientation Leaders

Temi Akinmolayan

Hometown: Aurora

Activities: Key Club Secretary, Student Ambassador

Fun Fact: I love to watch Netflix!

Liz Alacala

Hometown: Hinsdale

Activities: Exodus, Film Society, Acronym, Peer Tutor, Ambassadors

Fun Fact: I have a flat-coated retriever!

Rishitha Boddu

Hometown: Naperville

Activities: Speech Team, Hadron, FTC team, FBLA

Fun Fact: I love dance!

Brooke Bolsinger

Hometown: Addison

Activities: CAB, 1501 HCC, Mod21, IMSA Jazz Ensemble, FBLA

Fun Fact: I am pretty good at guitar hero.

Saanvi Chelikani

Hometown: Palatine

Activities: StudCo, LEAD, FBLA

Fun Fact: I really like spicy food and playing badminton.

Vivian Cho

Hometown: Aurora

Activities: Student Ambassadors, Math Team, GIS, IMSAlympians, Tennis

Fun Fact: I have a younger brother.

Natalie Chung

Hometown: Moline

Activities: ISP Social Media/Relations Director, ARF, Model UN

Fun Fact: I have an unhealthy obsession with nuclear ramen.

Emilia Daniels

Hometown: Lisle

Activities: SDAC (Spreading Dance Across Campus) and was in Mod 21, tennis, dance team

Fun Fact: I like drawing and art stuff.

Rujuta Durwas

Hometown: Bloomington

Activities: Student Ambassadors, Allies, HOSA, Girls IN2 Stem, and on varsity swim. I’ve also been a choreographer for a culture show, along with clash drill. This coming year in addition to the activities listed above I will be an orientation leader, peer tutor, and be on the board for PSYCH club!

Fun Fact: I have been swimming for basically my whole life, and I love being in the water!

Mirella Eldridge

Hometown: Peoria

Activities: Peer Multicultural Educators (Executive Board and MLK Scholar), TedxYouth@IMSA Speaker Coach Liasion Head, Residential Student Leaders Wing Guide, IMSA Softball, Writing Center Tutor

Fun Fact: I have climbed two telephones during the past couple summers. I did this through Space Camp and Marine Corps JROTC Summer Camp!

Olamiji Fabamigbe

Hometown: Markham

Activities: Black Student Union, Peer Tutor, Student Computing Service, Girls IN2 STEM Program, Medical Society, Manager of the basketball team, Track&Field, Volleyball, Student Ambassador, Student Leadership, Big Sibling, Excel.

Fun Fact: I love ice cream.

Abbi Gonzalez

Hometown: Plainfield

Activities: Soccer, FPS, makersquad, excel tutor, big sib

Fun Fact: I’m allergic to cats and I have two of them.

Natalie Hulseberg

Hometown: Sycamore

Activities: Orchestra (cello), Student Ambassadors, Deputy Director of IMSA ACLU Chapter, Secretary and PME Liaison of GEN (Gender Equality Now), Girls Soccer, Mu Alpha Theta member

Fun Fact: I have a million stickers – well not really but I do have a lot – on my computer.

Esther Im

Hometown: Carpentersville

Activities: LEAD Facilitator, Writing Center Tutor, and TEDx Youth@IMSA Organizing Committee Graphic Design & Social Media Liaison

Fun Fact: I taught myself how to skateboard and embroider during quarantine.

Niyati Kapadia

Hometown: Bolingbrook

Activities: ISA board member

Fun Fact: My uncle climbed Mt. Everest!

Joyce Li

Hometown: Dunlap

Activities: 02 Hall Senator (student council member), FTC Robotics Team, 02 SCS Team, Varsity Volleyball Team, French Club Junior Rep, Chess Team

Fun Fact: I have a twin!

Jasmine Liu

Hometown: Los Angeles

Activities: UNICEF, Dialekt, Allies, Ambassador’s , Mu Alpha Theta, Ted-X, HOSA

Fun Fact: I have a fear of really small close holes like the ones in lotus plants or pancakes.

Brogan Long

Hometown: DeKalb

Activities: JSA Convention Coordinator, Spectrum Junior Rep, and ACLU Secretary

Fun Fact: I’m addicted to Starbucks and my favorite drink is a vanilla cold brew.

Annabelle Lu

Hometown: Rosemont

Activities: Girls’ Volleyball, L&D Matters tutor, peer tutor, HOME Board, Relay for Life Junior Representative, Boys’ Volleyball manager

Fun Fact: I travel with my mom (or whole family sometimes) at least once a year, at least out of the state, if not out of the country.

Jessica Lyseng

Hometown: Homewood

Activities: Co-video head for ISP (IMSA Student Productions), Allies, Wing Liaison (I think its called) 06 D wing, Varsity Soccer Goalie, Student Ambassadors.

Fun Fact: My favorite smell is burning pancakes and I’d love to tell you about it.

Pranav Manoj

Hometown: Round Lake

Activities: Student Council – 1505 Hall Senator, Math Team, Allies, Writing Center Tutor, Basketball, Quiz Bowl, Hadron

Fun Fact: I enjoy reading and playing music on the piano, alto sax, and guitar.

Hailey Munafo

Hometown: Braidwood

Activities: volleyball, basketball, LEAD facilitator, softball, l&d matter

Fun Fact: I’m very, very double jointed in my fingers.

Monika Narain

Hometown: Wheeling

Activities: L&D Matter, Running, MOD21, Peer & Writing Center Tutoring

Fun Fact: I have lived in Hoffman Estates, Schaumburg, and next month I will live in Buffalo Grove!

Monica Narciso

Hometown: Carpentersville

Activities: Spectrum Junior Rep, ISP Drama Liaison

Fun Fact: I make really good scrambled eggs.

Oliver Ni

Hometown: Aurora

Activities: Speech, cross country, opinions section editor for the Acronym, math team, PF debate, quizbowl, Coalition Z, peer tutor, and orientation leader

Fun Fact: I love terrible jokes so let me know your best pun-chlines.

Feyikemi Ogunleye

Hometown: Aurora

Activities: BSU Harambee Director, Ted x youth Social Media Manager, Student Ambassador, Girls IN2 Stem Mentor

Fun Fact: I have a mixed music taste, my playlists consists of R&B, rap, indie, hip hop, pop, and afrobeats etc.

Sarah Oquendo

Hometown: Chicago

Activities: Campus Activities Board, IMSA Student Productions, Swim team, FRC Robotics Team, Student Ambassador, Excel Tutor, Acronym, and Problem Solvers

Fun Fact: The farthest I’ve walked for chicken sandwich is 5 miles.

Christin Ann Sanchez

Hometown: Tinley Park

Activities: Cross Country, Track, Club Terra, LEAD Facilitator

Fun Fact: I really like mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Rachel Selvaraj

Hometown: Naperville

Activities: Speech, Symphony Orchestra, GDiMP (graphic design), Model UN, Student Ambassador, Key Club

Fun Fact: I enjoy digital art and am a huge anime fan. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Grace Smith

Hometown: Orland Park

Activities: President of Mod21, President of ISoMP, Robotics, Cross Country, Track, Science Olympiad, Peer Tutor, Writing Center Tutor

Fun Fact: I have never chewed gum before.

Tyler Smith

Hometown: St. Charles

Activities: Makersquad, Peer Tutor, Writing Center Tutor, Wing Liaison, Volleyball

Fun Fact: I enjoy computer programming!

Kaylee Zhou

Hometown: DeKalb

Activities: Acronym, Hadron, Key Club, TEDx, Girls IN2 STEM, Peer Tutor

Fun Fact: My favorite snack is Oreos.