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Go Green @ IMSA

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Go Green @ IMSA image

Go Green@IMSA is the environmental movement at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.  As a community we work together to increase environmental awareness, respond to environmental issues, and plan related programs and activities.

Our Mission:

“We will establish a culture, which encourages every member of the IMSA community to act as good stewards of the environment.”

Action Steps:

  • Model, as an academy, effective stewardship of the environment:

    • Develop or adopt sustainability standards.

    • Review purchasing processes regarding use of sustainable products.

    • Implement necessary sustainability processes.

    • Develop and implement programs that focus on energy and water conservation.

    • Report to the community the actions being taken and the anticipated energy savings.

    • Report to the community on amounts recycled and projected energy/environmental impact.

  • Create opportunities for individual environmental stewardship within the IMSA community:

    • Implement a comprehensive recycling program that considers collection and redistribution in a user-friendly manner.

    • Create an education program focused on being stewards of the planet and lessening human impact on the environment.

    • Establish an "environmental tips center" which collects and distributes information (such as ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle various items).

  • Create appropriate green spaces inside the main building and residence halls.

  • Develop an outdoor classroom that would enable study and research