Maker Programs & Makerspace

Invention and Creation

How do we inspire the possibility of making and invention in youth as well as adults? How do we create experiences for youth and adult to explore their maker skills and knowledge? Why is tinkering, making and invention critical skills for youth in the science and mathematics teaching and learning experience? How do we cultivate a culture of making? These questions we explore in the Maker and Makerspace programs.

Invention and creation are cornerstones of innovation and entrepreneurship. The IMSA Maker and Makerspace program area is an applied learning experience with the purpose of inspiring innovative and entrepreneurial thinking through maker experiences that nurture the innate maker and inventor potential in youth and adult alike. Using challenge-based learning, the program provides participants with innovative maker workshops and experiences that develop and inspire you to explore and extend your maker creativity and skills. The program prepares IMSA youth to be future STEM innovators, inventors and designers, with opportunities for maker mentoring, maker project management and learning the maker culture.

The IMSA Maker and Markerspace program inspire innovative and entrepreneurial thinking through maker experiences that nurture the innate maker and inventor potential of individuals and their communities.

Learning Goals

  • To provide innovative maker workshops and summer maker experiences that develop and inspire youth and adults to explore and extend their maker creativity and skills.
  • To offer opportunities for maker mentoring, maker project management and the learning the maker culture.
  • To create culturally responsive maker experiences, spaces, and opportunities for CLED and gender diverse youth to explore their maker potential, and creative skills in an open, collaborative and inclusive space.
  • To develop educator and adult maker insight, knowledge and skills, as well as an understanding of developing a maker community, culture and makerspace management.


The Maker and Makerspace Programs are designed for IMSA Youth and Adults (Faculty & Staff) interested in Making, Maker Culture, and Makerspace and Maker/invention Project Management. We also provide select maker experiences for teachers, school leaders and summer camps for youth.

Program Activities

The IMSA Maker & Makerspace program area comprises the following activities:

  • Maker Workshops: A series of weekly workshops on a series of maker topics. Maximum 12 participants. Registration required to attend. Workshops include:
    • 3D Modeling and 3D Printing
    • Fundamental Electronics
    • Aviation and Drones
    • Microcontrollers and Arduinos
    • Crafting
  • Maker Summer Program: Join us virtually from June 20th to June 24th from 9am to 12pm as we set about a virtual exploration of Computer Aided Design (CAD), 3D Printing, Electronics, and an Introduction to Arduinos! This week will be packed full of various projects that highlight skills we will learn and grow each day! Learn to CAD your own trinket, model, or project, and then make that design come to life as a 3D printed object! We will also learn what microcontrollers like an Arduino are capable of before we try our hand with some simple electronics. This will be an awesome week that will give you a great jumpstart on making and skills you can use for many years to come!  Interested?  Register here
  • Makerspace Drop-in: Open space for youth and adults to use the Makerspace equipment and resources during their free mods, to work on any project they want. (not available while academy is closed due to COVID-19)
  • Faculty & Classroom Maker Partnerships: Collaboration with the IMSA Faculty to enhance their curriculum using maker methods and makerspace resources on a challenge and project-based learning

Makerspace Equipment

  • 3D Printers
  • 3D Pens
  • CNC machines
  • Drones
  • Microcontrollers